Andorra opens up to the world to capture new business opportunities

Although Andorra has always offered different tax, labor and social advantages, which have allowed it to position the country as a reference destination for thousands of investors interested in new business opportunities, there are many organizations that year after year continue to organize different events of international scope to promote the arrival of these and thus boost the purchase of real estate in the Principality.

Events of international renown

With the celebration of top-level events such as the 68th Fiabci World Congress, held last May and which brought together more than 700 real estate professionals, or more recently with the Andorra Financial Summit, which has brought together more than 30 banking entities, fund managers and rating agencies in Europe and the United States. Andorra shows its determination to continue opening up to the world to attract new investments and at the same time, internationalize its model country.
In both cases, these are indispensable actions to generate confidence and attract the attention of those companies and individuals that once assessed the different business opportunities offered by the country, may be interested in investing part of their assets in Andorran territory.

The situation in Catalonia, a condition to be taken into account

Regardless of the different advantages and promotional events offered by Andorra to foreign capital, other aspects outside the Principality, can also condition, positively or negatively, the arrival of assets to Andorran territory.

In this sense, the political situation that exists in Catalonia today can be translated into an increase in investments in the Principality, largely due to the stability afforded by the Andorran legal framework.

In any case, what is undeniable is Andorra’s ability to attract investors from all corners of the world. A fact that, in turn, enhances the real estate sector of the country, nurturing it with a volume of clients willing to invest significant amounts of money in Andorra and explore new business opportunities.

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