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Buy a house in La Massana

Buy a house in La Massana
Buy a house in La Massana

Located in the northwest of the country and with a population that doesn’t exceed 12.000 inhabitants, La Massana is one of the most representative and emblematic parishes throughout Andorran Pyrenees. To make this possible, La Massana hasn’t only needed to make the most of its excellent location, right at the foot of Vallnord, but also at its average altitude of 1,230 meters, consolidating as a reference destination for lovers of snow and mountain sports. So, whether to establish a passive or active residence, if you decide to buy a house in La Massana, you’ll enjoy one of the best high mountain environments in the Pyrenees, a town of strong contrasts, capable of completely transforming with the arrival of the first snowfall.

Adventure sports, one of the great attractions of La Massana

Due to its altitude and the low temperatures that take place in winter, La Massana is an ideal destination for lovers of skiing and sports related to snow such as snowshoeing, mushing or skiing. Due to its proximity to the Vallnord station, buying a house in La Massana is always an investment worth doing. In fact, in summer, with no trace of the snow that covers the mountains, the parish is transformed, thanks to the important slopes offered by the rugged Andorran landscape, in an ideal destination for lovers of hiking, cycling and the routes on horseback.

On the other hand, don’t forget that when buying a house in La Massana, you’ll be surprised by the valuable cultural heritage that is hidden in every corner of the parish. Highlights include the Comic Museum, the Farga Rossell, the highest representative of the industrial heritage of Andorra, and Ethnographic Museum Casa Rull, with which you can discover the Andorra 19th and early 20th century, through the humble lifestyle of a family of farmers.

The valuable ecological footprint of La Massana

Although the economy of La Massana is mostly based on activities related to the tertiary sector, the parish has been able to exploit new business routes and infrastructures, interrogating them in the rural environment that makes up the parish. In this sense, over the last five decades, La Massana has maintained and protected its valuable natural environment, showing residents and tourists an enviable natural space, where the green of the vegetation and the blue of the waterfalls prevails, lakes and rivers. For this reason, if you are currently looking to buy a house in La Massana, you’ll know that you do it with the guarantee to live in an idyllic place, of authentic privilege.