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Buy a house in Ordino

Buy a house in Ordino
Acheter a maison Ordino

With one of the most valuable cultural and historical heritage of the whole Principality, Ordino has become, by its own merits, one of the most beautiful and interesting towns in Andorra. With an area of 90 km² and an average altitude of almost 1.300 meters, the parish is composed mostly of lush forests and rugged mountains, an environment that surrounds Ordino and makes this parish a unique place throughout the country.

Throughout its history, the parish has experienced a remarkable social transformation, which has led to the construction of new properties perfectly integrated into the rural essence that has always been associated with Ordino. Therefore, if you decide to buy a house in Ordino, this parish has many real estate opportunities, not only in the town of Ordino but also in the 8 localities in which the parish is divided: Llorts, El Serrat, La Cortinada, Ordino, Arans, Ansalonga, Sornàs and Segudet.

Culture and history, the hallmarks of Ordino

How could it be otherwise, only in Ordino can breathe, with such precision, the history and culture of Andorra. Thus, walking through its streets and squares you can see a sample of the valuable cultural and artistic heritage treasured by the, with Romanesque art being the architectural style that predominates throughout the country. As happens in different parts of the country, Ordino has different examples of Romanesque period, highlighting especially the churches of San Martí de La Cortinada with its archaic murals and Sant Corneli i Sant Cebrià, a church dating back to medieval times.

On the other hand, Ordino also stands out for its extensive museum proposal, led by the d'Areny-Pladolit Museum, among other relevant museums of Andorra such as the Museum of Miniature, the Postal Museum or the famous Mill and Sawmill of Cal Pal.

Ordino and its wild nature, definition of rural life in Andorra

Taking a tour through the history of Ordino, it should be noted that the parish is the maximum reference of rural life in Andorra. A fact that, without a doubt, can be a determining factor for those people who are interested in buying a house in Ordino. In their villages and small towns, in addition to finding a large dose of tranquility, residents and tourists will enjoy the authentic experience of living in an environment of 100% rural essence. Good sample of it, it’s observed in the multiple routes that surround all the parish to different heights, being the Route of the Iron one of the most excellent. This emblematic route not only fuels the history of Andorra, but also allows us to know in first person the importance that the metallurgical sector had in Andorra during the XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries.

For its part, Ordino also offers other entertainment activities both in winter and summer, highlighting, thanks to its proximity to the Vallnord station, all sports related to snow. In summer, on the contrary, the same station is transformed into one of the largest mountain parks in southern Europe, offering all kinds of adventure sports, especially descents of BTT and Freeride.