Asset management

Get the maximum return on your assets through planned and professional management. This is, without a doubt, our main objective when a client, whether company or individual, decides to make use of the asset management services that we make available from And.Immo.


At, as a professional and rigorous real estate company in Andorra that concentrates its activity in Andorra, we are very aware that both companies, which have real estate assets on their balance sheets that they want to manage efficiently, as well as private clients, with different properties in ownership, have in their real estate assets an asset with a high investment and savings value. A value that, in the case of private clients, also acquires another dimension, since often the real estate assets owned are of family origin and are passed down from generation to generation.


We advise you on the management of your assets

Once the preferences of each client are defined and the characteristics of each and every one of the properties that make up their heritage are known,’s team of real estate specialists, made up of qualified professionals, guarantee a real estate consulting service and solvent and effective asset management, they advise you with a 100% personalized treatment, to be able to increase the value of your assets, while maximizing profitability.

Thus, whether it is a private client or a company, thanks to the wealth management service that we put at your disposal from and always depending on your preferences and the characteristics of your assets, you can visualize the potential buyers or tenants to address.

We are looking for the best ways of marketing

The wealth management service we offer from also includes and affects other essential aspects to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the management process. Thus, during the valuation phase of the assets in question, our real estate agents offer you a study of the status of commercialization, fixing the value of the property and working with first-class tools that allow, among other actions, to reach the maximum of potential customers who may be interested in the Managed Assets.

Subsequently, once its value has been defined, the commercial department evaluates the characteristics of the heritage and, depending on them, establishes the dissemination plan through the most appropriate channels and platforms in each case.