Invest in Andorra

In addition to the purchase, sale and rental of exclusive properties in Andorra, another of the essential services that underpin And’s business is the management and coordination of real estate investment projects in Andorra. In this sense, our real estate agents are fully trained to advise, once the initial priorities have been defined, all those investors who intend to diversify their businesses betting on the real estate sector in Andorra. Thus, in And.Immo will find the best real estate specialists, who will advise you, always from the vocation of Service and with a rigorous and personalized treatment, to locate the investment option that best suits your preferences. 

Why invest in Andorra?

In recent years Andorra has maintained its commitment to continue diversifying and firmly consolidating the country’s activity beyond its borders. In this sense, the Principality remains immersed in a process of expansion and opening abroad, which allows to attract different investors from all over the world. Thus, through the enhancement of the economic, fiscal, financial and quality of life advantages that the Principality presents, there are many first-rate real estate investment projects that have materialized in Andorran territory. Among the different distinguishing features that position Andorra as an ideal country for real estate investment, the following stand out:



Andorra, an ideal country to invest internationally: with the latest tax reform, promoted in 2010, Andorra has achieved a new taxation framework, which allows the signing of double taxation agreements with the main States. This measure has consolidated Andorra as an ideal country from which to operate internationally.


One of the most favorable fiscal policies in the world: with very competitive tax rates, today the Andorran fiscal framework is homologated with that of any country of the European Union. Thus, with the lowest value added tax in Europe (IGI of 4.5%), together with an income tax rate that ranges between 5 and 10% and a corporate tax of 10%, with bonuses of up to 80% for strategic investments, it is undeniable that Andorra has one of the most favourable tax policies in the world.


Political and legislative balance: Andorra, as one of the oldest countries in the world, has historically maintained considerable political and legislative stability. A fact that, without a doubt, is fundamental when you are interested in residing in Andorra to start an investment project.


An unbeatable environment: with a privileged location, nestled in the heart of the Pyrenees, between Spain and France, Andorra has an unbeatable natural environment, with more than 2,000 hours of sunshine per year. In addition, the country has exemplary public safety and a very high quality of life, with good salaries (the average salary exceeds 1,900 euros per month) and the most competitive health and educational systems.


A country open to investors: in recent years, Andorra has promoted several economic reforms that have allowed foreign investment to be attracted and companies to be established in Andorra. This predisposition for investment is evidenced by the creation of companies, which can be formed with 100% foreign capital.

Invest in Andorra

As Europe has recovered from the effects caused by the economic crisis suffered between 2008 and 2013, Andorran real estate agents have seen a significant increase in investment demands, both by companies and individuals.

Precisely, this improvement in the sector has caused a progressive increase in prices, especially in high-end properties, which, at the same time, has become an important claim for investors, since with this increase, any investment made is even more valued. Unlike what can be thought of at first when talking about a country with an area of 460 M2, Andorra offers multiple investment options, ranging from investment projects in land and plots, to investments in new construction developments, rehabilitated edges, luxurious flats at the foot of the slopes or properties and commercial premises in the main commercial axes of the country.