Sell properties

Among the different real estate services that from And.Immo we make available to our customers, the sale of properties is one of the fundamental axes. Unlike other real estate companies, a And.Immo will find an important portfolio of exclusive properties for sale, which are published, periodically, in a unique way on our portal. In addition, to optimize the maximum performance of our website and, consequently, increase the diffusion of the property in question, in And.Immo works with top-level tools that allow us, among other actions, to reach the maximum of potential customers who may be interested in the property.

And.Immo, your real estate reference in Andorra to sell your property

Whether residential or commercial property or land, in And.Immo has all kinds of properties for sale, which are presented to the client in a completely personalized way, with a quality treatment, based on rigor, professionalism and transparency.

Regardless of the characteristics of the property to be sold, A and.Immo will help you, always starting from the maximum professionalism and rigor that guarantees our agents, to promote the property in question, making it reach potential customers, highlighting the most attractive factors of it. In this way, a And.Immo provides you with the best advisory service to successfully complete the sale of your property.

Thus, not only will we put at your disposal all our resources and platforms to make the maximum dissemination of your property, both in Andorran territory and around the world, but at all times you will receive, in a 100% personalized way, the real estate guidance that is required in each of the phases that are included within a sale operation.

We accompany you throughout the sales process

Before, during and after. A And.Immo accompanies you throughout the process of selling your property, from the initial moment you contact us until the end of the operation, once the sale materializes. And.Immo we are very clear, our clients and the opinion they have of us are the main assets of our real estate. Professionalism, rigor and transparency are values that define us and allow us to offer a customer service based on excellence.