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Asset management

Asset management

When a corporate or individual client decides to use the asset management services that we offer at And.immo, our top priority is to provide the highest returns on assets through planned professional management.

As a qualified and diligent professional real estate agency that focuses its activity on Andorra, we are very much aware that both businesses and individual clients seeking effective management of their real estate assets possess properties of high value in terms of investment and savings. In the case of individual clients, this value may have an added dimension since their real estate assets are often of family origin and pass from one generation to the next

gestión patrimonial en la zona residencial de Sant Ermengol

We counsel you on the management of your assets

Once each client's preferences have been defined and the characteristics of all the properties comprising his assets have been established, the And.immo team of real estate experts, formed by highly qualified professionals ensuring the most capable and efficient real estate consulting (title: real estate consulting) and asset management service, counsel you on a fully personalized basis with the aim of.

In this way, whether you are an individual client or a business, with the asset management service we offer you at And.immo, based on your preferences and the specific features of your assets, you can visualize the most appropriate buyers or tenants to be targeted.

We help to determine the best commercialization channels

The asset management service offered at And.immo also includes and involves other aspects which are essential to ensure the best efficiency throughout the management process. In the phase of enhancing the value of the respective assets, our real estate agents offer you an in-depth study of the commercialization situation, establishing the value of the property and, among other actions, determining through the use of advanced instruments the best way to reach the greatest number of potential clients who may be interested in the managed assets.

Subsequently, after defining their value, our commercial department evaluates the characteristics of the assets and, on the basis of these factors, it draws up the promotion plan to be implemented through the most suitable channels and platforms in each case.

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