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Selling property

Selling property

Among the range of real estate services And.Immo offers to customers, one of the cornerstones of our consultancy is selling property. Unlike other real estate agencies,  And.Immo offers a significant portfolio of exclusive properties for sale, which are published periodically, and only available on our website. In addition, in order to optimise our website and, consequently, increase the coverage received by the property in question, at And.Indo we work with the very best web tools. This allows us to reach the maximum number of potential customers who could be interested in the property.

And.Immo, the real estate hub in Andorra for selling property

Whether a residential property, commercial property or plot of land, at And.Immo we have all kinds of properties for sale, which are offered to our customers on a personalised basis, with high-quality customer service, based on attention to detail, professionalism and transparency.

Regardless of the characteristics of the property being sold, at  And.Immo we will help you to market the property in question with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, making sure it reaches potential customers while highlighting its most attractive features. This means that  And.Immo will provide you with the best possible advice to ensure that your property is sold successfully.

This means that we offer you all of our available resources and platforms to market your property, both in Andorra and around the world. You will also receive fully personalised customer care at all times, with the property advice required at every stage of the sales process.

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We will accompany you throughout the sales process

Before, during and after. At And.Immo we accompany you throughout the process of selling your property, from the moment you first get in touch with us until the end of the transaction, when the sale has been completed. At And.Immo we are conscious that our customers and their opinion of us are the main assets of our business. We are defined by our professionalism, attention to detail and transparency, which allow us to provide excellent customer service.

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